Antica Dimora del Sole

The Cilento, a land of history, myth, art and culture.

90 km of coastline, peaks over 1800 meters, millennia-old culture.

The Cilento, untouched landscapes, crystal clear and sunny sea, small medieval villages perched on the hills, fragrant forests of herbs, mountains – the perfect holiday destination. Its soft sandy beaches and rugged coastlines are well known.

Between Marina di Camerota and Palinuro we find some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast, small and nestled between high rocky cliffs or long stretches of sand, or equipped with comfortable beach facilities, all pearls to discover. Between sea and inland, the National Park offers natural shows of rare beauty, such as the Bulgheria and Cervati mountain forests, the Calore river gorges, the Pertosa and Castelcivita caves.

In addition to natural beauty, the history of the Cilento region is also worth exploring. The ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are still palpable at the archaeological sites of Velia and Paestum (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the ruins of the village of San Severino di Centola and Roscigno Vecchia exude a sense of romantic nostalgia, an invitation to remember.


An ancient medieval village in the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, offers the warm atmosphere typical of many Cilentan towns: among ancient palaces and testimonies of past times, the scents of traditional cuisine and Mediterranean scrub spread; the guest is welcomed with warmth and enchanted by the charm of the places.

In the historic centers of some towns, such as Camerota, you can visit local craftsmen’s shops that still work according to the dictates of tradition, passing on knowledge from past eras and bringing to the fore high-quality products. Towns like these await to be explored, discovering narrow streets, squares, churches and castles.

In the vicinity of Licusati there are also countless sites of interest, that will satisfy any kind of curiosity.